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[Indecember #8] Lewd :iconnerissy:Nerissy 2 0


Quick Sketches
Quick Hand Drawn Sketches, 1 character with no background, full-body or not, you decide~~
Don't do MLP or Sonic style, you may ask me to draw furry, but i suck at it lol




Nerissy's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a guy in Brasil who's trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional artist
I like to draw mostly Monster Girls and Lolis
My favorite monster girl race: Mermaids :3
I also got a LOT of stories to share but i'm too lazy to put them on paper D:
(pic by :iconspookabe: )
It's been a while since i last did this before xD
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Things 'bout me
  1. I look like chubby Jesus, yeah, that one from the bible, with the big beard and straight hair
  2. Blizzard fanboy, favorite game is Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm <3
  3. Every day when i wake up i watch "When you go dark souls with your best mates" video on youtube to remember that humankind is awesome
  4. I draw since high school(14 years old) and still suck at it, comparing the amount of time i dedicated to it (i'm 22 now)
  5. During new years eve, I've been to London, München, Wien and Prague (all in 2 weeks), Tower of London and Belfast-chan <3,  loved Hoffbräuhaus 1L beer :v, Wien is windy as f* xD, loved shooting with real guns in Prague (Uzi and Dragunov s2)
  6. When i feel its going to be a good day, I go drawing while singing Beelzeboss from Tenacious D or any Initial D's music (drifting memes intensifies)
  7. I'm learning Japanese and Deutsch, japanese is surprinsingly easy once you know how to read, lel
  8. I get really mad when i see ppl calling everything a monster girl just because they aren't human (ex: elves, vampires, dwarves), or who cant distinguish furry from monster girls
  9. I use the same pencilcase and bag since i entered high scholl, they are all tattered and full of holes, and my bag's zipper doesnt work anymore, but i still love them
  10. I used to have a cactus called Larry
  11. My home-office/studio is full of anime figures... and it's also where my dad sleeps, i wonder if he's bothered by that
  12. I hate cat's, my dog's called Mel, which translates to Honey in portuguese(that one from the bee's, not darling xD)
  13. My bedroom is full of spiders, on the roof's corners, below my bed, above my bed, behind the door, everywhere, AND I LOVE IT! It's been years since i was disturbed by mosquitoes during my sleep, one day i was chasing a cockroach and she ran below my bed, never heard of it anymore, the spiders would be like: "You came to the wrong neigborhood pal" and beat the hell out of it.

Answering :3
    1- What is your favorite animal?
MOTHS! Love them! I always like to pick them up carefully when i find one. One day i found one when playing tabletop RPG in college, she stayed in the back of my hand the whole session <3, later on i placed her in my head when i left home
    2- Tell me 2 things do you love to do in your daily routine?
Drinking coffee when i wake up and reading a hentai doujin while drinking my coffee to set my mind straight when i get to drawing
    3- 3 favorite foods?
Bacon, Açaí(google it, its delicious, and tastes like purple) and my dad's barbecue :3
    4- Tell me 4: Animes or Manga or Books or Films you love! (Or all of them MUAHAHAHAHA, just kidding, do it if you want to)
Anime: Overlord, Manga: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari. Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Film: Never found a enough good movie to say i love it
    5- What is your favorite game? 
I really like Dark Souls 2, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Elite:Dangerous, and many others, but i don't know which is my favorite D:
    6- Tell me something funny about yourself!
I stumble on my own feet at least once a day when walking on the streets
    7- What makes you sad these days?
Knowing i'm still not good enough in drawing
    8- How are at this moment?
Normal, not happy or sad
    9- Tell me: What do you like/hate about yourself?
I made design college but i didn't learn anything relevant to what i wanted to work with, (Illustrator)
    10- Favorite place?
Home, definetly home
    11- What do you want to work with?
Illustrator or anything related to drawing :3
    12- How do you imagine yourself at the age of 30?
I don't even know if i'll still be alive at that time
    13- What do you like more:  cute characters / cool characters / mad characters or I don't give a fuck characters?
Between these 4 i like cute character's more, making hardcore hentai of them feels good, but i like more villainous character

:iconlalosparkle: :iconn-nyatrix: :iconkuraitenshi89: :iconjezuyz: :iconvampsaiyain: :iconaddilovely: :iconsheila-sama-15: :iconeremas-su: :iconcyberalbi: :iconlulure: :iconangelicvortex: :icontheeasternempress: :iconfalkeart: :iconlolitacynder: :iconvoleno: :iconpoppypandagames: :iconzylladys:
Edit: almost forgot to make questions
1- Which country are you from?
2- Do you have any pets? :D
3- Your favorite OC?
4- Do you like monster girls? Which race you like most? (Lamias, Harpies, Centaurs etc...)
5- Languages you speak? xD
6- Real first name? (Mine's Pedro)
7- You work on a notebook or desktop?
8- Say 4 Mangas you like
9- Medieval Fantasy or Space Sci-fi?
10- You read hentai? Favorite tags? e.e
11- What do you fear?
12- Hot or Cold?
13- Favorite music? :3


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